Instagram for Business

By Melissa Thomas

With Instagram's most recent updates, account owners can now convert their pages into business accounts. This update has great benefits for business owners and entrepreneurs, Loan Officers included. These new settings give access to insights about your followers,  account performance metrics, new contact outreach options, and more. Here are some simple steps to make the transition from personal to business easy:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile from the mobile app, open the sidebar panel located at the top right corner of the screen. Select Settings and then tap Account.

  2. At the bottom, tap Switch to Professional Account.

  3. Loan Officers should select the Product/Service category, and then select Business instead of Creator. You can also further select Mortgage Broker as the category of choice. 

  4. Ensure that the appropriate Contact Information is listed, like your company email and branch address.

  5. You may then elect to Connect Your Facebook Page. You can connect to an existing Facebook Business Page, create a new Facebook Business Page, or simply skip this process by selecting "Don't Connect to Facebook Now". 

  6. Next, you can complete your Professional Account by adding information such as a biography, invite new contacts to your page, share marketing content to your network, etc.


If you decide you want the profile to be private again, you can always repeat the same steps to convert it back to a Personal Account. 

Already have a personal Facebook profile with connections you don't want to lose? Check out our article on Converting a Facebook Profile to Business Page: 3 Easy Steps to learn how you can create a business page while keeping your network.