Instagram for Business

By Melissa Thomas

Updated 1/24/2023

With Instagram's most recent updates, account owners can now convert their pages into business accounts. This update has great benefits for business owners and entrepreneurs, Loan Officers included. These new settings give access to insights about your followers,  account performance metrics, new contact outreach options, and more. For those looking to create an Instagram, learn more here. After creating a page, below are some simple steps to make the transition from personal to business easy:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile from the mobile app, open the sidebar panel located at the top right corner of the screen. Select Settings and then tap Account.

  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Switch to Professional Account.

  3. Instagram will provide an overview of all the benefits offered to Professional Accounts. Select Continue to proceed.

  4. Instagram requires that a business Category be selected. Users should select the Product/Service category that is most applicable to them. Users can elect to not display a category on the profile by de-selecting the Display On Profile toggle. This setting may be adjusted at any time.

  5. Users should select the Business category as a service provider instead of the Creator category.

  6. Ensure that the appropriate Contact Information is listed, like a company email, branch address, and business phone number.

  7. Users may then elect to setup the Account Center to connect other social media accounts, such as Facebook Business Pages. Users may elect to skip this process by selecting "Not Now". Users may then continue to Set Up Your Professional Account with the prompted optional extra steps.

  8. After making profile edits, Users may return to the profile screen to see any changes reflected on the profile. Users may use the Edit Profile button to make additional changes in the future as need be.