SocialShield: Content Alerts

Catch problems immediately

Once ActiveComply discovers your social media profiles, we scan each profile and every post. When we find a problem, we alert you immediately through the ActiveComply dashboard, and by email, if you choose that option.

Sophisticated content triggers

ActiveComply works with industry experts to develop and maintain a sophisticated set of predefined content policies for mortgage lenders and banks. It’s a great starting point for your institution and you can edit then to fit your needs or add new rules if you like.

Social media profile compliance

Your organization has certain requirements regarding what content needs to be on a social media profile, like an NMLS ID, privacy policies links, Equal Housing verbiage, etc. ActiveComply scans each profile to ensure that all of your requirements are met. We alert you immediately if there is a problem.

State-specific policies

Our content policies can also be applied on the state-level so that you can be sure that your state-specific regulations are covered as well. Specific checks for the proper licensing information, disclosures, etc. can be applied.

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