Social Media
Account Discovery

Knowing is half the battle

What you don’t know can hurt you. The most important part of an effective social media monitoring and compliance campaign is identifying social media accounts that need monitoring. Relying on loan officers and other workers subject to regulation to self-report new and existing social media accounts isn't an effective policy. Automated social media account discovery ensures you find accounts before your regulators do.

Brand, trade names, and licensing numbers

Your ActiveComply account is configured with your brand, your trade names, and your licensing numbers (such as you NMLS ID). Our automated discovery system alerts you when these names and numbers show up on any social media profile. ActiveComply places these accounts on a special list called “Discovery” for your review. You can then enable monitoring of their content.

Find new accounts before the regulators do

It’s unlikely that social media accounts not monitored by you will have the proper licensing disclosures, Equal Housing language, and other required information. Our automated discovery platform greatly increases the odds that you find new accounts before your regulators do.

Identify rogue and unauthorized accounts

There are bad actors out there. Know sooner rather than later when rogue, unauthorized, or fraudulent social media accounts are created. ActiveComply finds social media accounts using your brand name to attract new business for themselves, or worse, defraud customers in your name.

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