Monitor and manage remote workers, conduct branch inspections, perform pre-employment screening, and more with VirtualVerify.

Verify that your company's workspaces are compliant, safe, and productive.

ActiveComply’s VirtualVerify™ utilizes a variety of information-gathering tools to give reviewers a holistic view of employee workspaces. Users can issue premade inspection surveys or create custom assessments for remote work locations and branch offices to meet their company’s needs. Plug and play with custom features, including: 

  • Geolocation verification 
  • Photo capturing 
  • Video tours 
  • Custom questionnaires
  • Network quality assessments 
  • IP address verification 
  • e-Attestation capabilities 

How are companies using VirtualVerify?

With easy-to-customize features and easy-to-navigate dashboards, the possibilities are endless.

  • Remote Office Inspection
  • Branch Auditing
  • HR/Pre-employment Screening
  • Desk Rentals/MSA Compliance
  • IT/Hardware Audits
  • And more!

Incorporate VirtualVerify™ into all parts of your business to foster collaboration and realize true cost savings through bundling multiple tools in one unified platform.  

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