SocialShield: Image Scanning

Text from images to see the full picture

Violations can be difficult to detect when it is a part of an image. Our technology extracts text from any social media images posted by the people in your organization.

Apply content policies to images

The same content policies that apply to the text in the post should also apply to the text in the images.

Invitations and infographics

Because social media works best when paired with images, most posts from your team will have one. Invitations to prospects with free offers or an infographic discussing credit scores and APR without the required disclosures can land your organization in hot water with regulators. With our image analysis feature, you can trust that you are covered.

Disclosures and licensing information

We find what is there, and also what is missing. We can detect when a loan officer has a compliant profile by finding some of their required disclosures in the cover photo of their profile. We can also detect things like a missing NMLS ID or a missing Equal Housing logo.

Image Scanning PNG