Managed Services

    Managed Services with the ActiveComply System

    ActiveComply is pleased to offer a Managed Services option for all existing and incoming clients!

    The Best of Both Worlds

    ActiveComply has provided an automated system to discover & monitor loan officer and company social media activity from one unified platform. For lenders who need a full-service option, ActiveComply has begun to offer a Managed Services opportunity for clients who need manual system monitoring. Our system will identify compliance issues, including finding defunct employee profiles, fraudulent accounts, profiles with regulatory issues, and worrisome loan officer posts. Our compliance experts will then perform a manual review on system content to provide a human element for those grey area issues.

    Partnering for Compliance

    ActiveComply’s Managed Services Department will partner with individual lenders to better understand their risk level tolerance and company policy. With these customizations in mind, our compliance experts will monitor your system just as well as your own employees, and only escalate items to your staff that are of interest. Easily isolate and fix loan officers with profile licensing issues and see red flags before a regulator does to provide swift corrective action.

    Is Managed Services Right for Your Team?

    The low-cost Managed Services add-on option is well suited for:

    • lenders who are preoccupied with production booms and cannot dedicate time or staff to a compliance review
    • lenders who are working with a small marketing or compliance team.

    Let our compliance experts isolate issues for your review so you can focus on other company matters. ActiveComply can save your team time and money while bringing you peace of mind.